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The Arthur Erickson House and Garden Foundation is a non-profit society incorporated under the laws of British Columbia on June 21, 1993, and was registered and awarded charitable status by Revenue Canada on June 21, 1993, Registration # 88835-4842-RR0001. As a non-profit society, the AEHGF has members who elect directors. At present, there are nine Directors who are nominated because they agree with the Mission, have a passion for the project, and bring particular skills to the table. Individual Directors, led by the Chair, have assumed areas of responsibility for specific activities such as the garden, the house, and tours and education. These Directors are responsible for committees made up of members and non-members. The Board has an Advisory Council of persons supportive of the Mission, and who by agreeing to act as Honorary Directors not only endorse the organization, but act as resources to it. The Board meets a minimum of ten times a year and for special meetings as required.

Arthur Erickson House and Garden Foundation
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